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The sunflower is a very unique flower in that as its name replies it looks like the sun. From the dark center with the concentric petals it appears to be the sun.  They not only look like the sun, they follow the sun as it crosses the sky, following the ultimate source of light and warmth for the earth.  They seem to shrink and sleep at night only to fully awake in the morning.  With their height they stand out.  Some can grow to be very tall, over 15 feet.  The flowers produce seeds, good for eating, producing sunflower oil and sunflower butter, one of my favorite nut butters. The sunflower does not have an aroma but the sheer beauty of it more than makes up for that. 

I will imitate the sunflower following my source of light the Creator himself.  I will seek to find what He has created to consume and use for health and healing. Come along with me as I journey into a world of natural elements, all to enhance our health and well-being.















Posted February 23, 2011 by Sunflower

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