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20 Secrets to Happiness or something like that   2 comments

Life can throw you a one- two punch out of the blue.  Last year and early this year was one of those times for me.  Instead of a one- two punch, I got the three-four-five-six punches….. they just kept coming.  How do you get through tough times that keep on coming??  Here’s my current list.  I’m sure it will change over time but so far here’s how I keep smiling:

  1. Staying connected to my Creator–church, prayer, reading the bible, prayer,  did I mention prayer?
  2. Meditation–I’m new at it but it keeps me grounded
  3. Aromatherapy–Joy™ is one of my favorites, it smells great and reminds me to be joyful, it’s my Joy in a bottle
  4. Gratitude Journal–some days the best I could say is “thank you for the sun shining”.  It works, now there’s more to be grateful for
  5. Compliment others
  6. Smile and say hello, in the words of Joel Osteen–“being unhappy won’t change anything for the better”
  7. Random acts of kindness– increases serotonin, get creative, the world needs more kindness
  8. Appreciate moments of silence– Take the oppt to pray or listen to God’s voice, He speaks very quietly
  9. Exercise–burn off the frustration
  10. Go to bed early– it gets the day over
  11. Talk it out– a friend, a therapist, the car, walls, just get it out!!
  12. Reading–words are powerful & meaningful>>affirmations, inspirational quotes, books, other blogs, right now on hooked on Chosen Families
  13. Music– love it>>Classical in the am(makes me smarter), dance music for exercising, gospel for inspiration, relaxing music at night before bed, jazz, country, Christian, reggae, & classical,  somewhere in between.  That’s  a lot of music.  Thank you Pandora.
  14. Work–I happen to have a really great job
  15. Food–Eating healthy–if you want your body to function well you have to fuel it with good, healthy foods.  I feel the difference. Everyday and I mean everyday I need my Luna bars and a handful of nuts.  Don’t feel right without them.  A piece of dark chocolate is also very good
  16. Drink–no not alcohol, TEA.  Hooked on them, now having several cups a day, just discovered the Teavana tea shop  
  17. Get out in nature–I love walks in the woods, staring at a lake or feeling an ocean breeze.  God is there, I can sense His presence
  18. Hobbies-As I tell my kids ” I do actually have a life”.  There’s things I like to do 
  19. Dr. Weil’s Mood Support Formula— very helpful during the wintertime
  20. Stay hopeful for the future–It’s going to get better.  In the words of Louise Hay  “we are never stuck”

What are your keys to happiness?

Ash Wednesday: Give it up for Lent   2 comments

It’s Ash Wednesday and although I’m  not Catholic or Lutheran, I still give something up for Lent. It’s a way to spiritually and physically discipline myself. And so……. I’ve given up crackers, rice, potatoes AND  bread for 45 days. And I’m a carb lover. I don’t eat much of those foods anyway but I do love them.  It’s the least I could do for Him who gave His life for me and continues to bless me today.  My co-worker is giving up meat. We’ll encourage each other along the way.

Are you participating in Lent?

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Music for Meditation   Leave a comment

After to listening to hours and hours of Pandora nature sounds music I’ve come up with some suggestions for music during meditation.


Sacred Earth Drums                                                   Spiritlands                                             

Sacred Earth Drums                                                       Spiritlands     


Spiritual Healing                                                  Sea & Silence

   Spiritual Healing                                                        Sea & Silence


Sounds of Nature                                            Appalachian Mountain Suite                                                                    

Sounds of Nature                                                  Appalachian Mt Suite        


Windsong                                           Heart of the Wind: Music for Native American Flute & Drums               

       Windsong                                                       Heart of the Wind


Dan Gibson's Solitudes: Exploring Nature With Music: The Classics                                       Dreams from the Grandfather

Dan Gibson’s Solitudes                          Dreams from the Grandfather      


Garden of Serenity                                       Music for Meditation: Inner Stillness

Garden of Serenity                                              Inner Stillness

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More on Meditation for Beginners: Silence, Quiet & Solitude   Leave a comment

I am a thinker.  I think more than I talk.  My mind is going all the time,   ideas,  dreams, fantasies, conversations,  thoughts, thoughts and more thoughts.  Not thinking has  never appealed to me. I’ve always wished I had more time to think.  I never dreamed I would enjoy just sitting, focusing my attention on God and not paying any attention to my thoughts.  Meditation is that to me.  A time to be still, silent, alone with God.  Let him have his time with me uninterrupted by my constant stream of thoughts.  It’s a discipline like any other and it takes practice. 

I have different ways of meditating.  Sometimes in the shower, I call it my water meditation.  Sometimes in the car, driving meditation, candle meditation, where I stare at the flame on a candle,  and then other times just sitting.  I make myself a receptacle.   If I’m sitting I start by putting an essential oil in my palm, breathing it in and taking a few seconds to bring attention to my breathing.  I take 3 very slow, deep breath with a pause in between.  I feel myself relax.  Then allow my mind to go blank, no thoughts.  All the while I’m listening to relaxing music.  I find that this helps me to keep my mind from wandering.  Sometimes  I do visualization and sometimes just a clear mind. In a crazy mixed up world,  meditation is a wonderful way to keep me sane.

Go placidly amid

the noise and haste,

and remember what peace

there may be in silence.


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Meditation for Beginners   Leave a comment

I am a beginner in meditation.  My quest began in 2009 by  reading about it.  In 2010 I made a decision to try it out. So far it has been one of the highlights of my spiritual journey. 

 Just mentioning meditation,  the 1st thought to comes to mind is someone sitting  indian style with their index finger and thumb touching in a circle, humming “om” over and over again.  That’s more associated with eastern meditation by Buddhists and Hindus although more and more westerners practice meditation this way.

For me meditation is a call to be silent, listening for God’s still voice.  It’s different from prayer when I’m doing more talking and much less listening.  Meditation is a time of discipline, to just sit, be still and listen.  I imagine that God and I are either sitting or walking hand in hand.  We smile at each other.   I have his full attention.  I feel happy, loved, peaceful  and secure.   I’m in his presence.

I start by putting a few drops of an essential oil in my palms, rub together, cup my hands together and breathe in slowly three times. I sit,  sometimes with palms open (receiving position).  I don’t chant a mantra or say a phrase over and over again in my mind, just sit in  silence. I listen to relaxing music which keeps my mind from wondering all over the place.  I like to do it 1st thing in the morning and before going to bed as a way to start and end my day. 

Two books that have been the most influential are Christian Meditation by James Finley and Centering Prayer by M. Basil Pennington.  I continue to read them over and over again for inspiration. My newest book is a book of prayers that I read before I start meditating,  Marianne Williamson’s Illuminata.  It took a while to find a way what works for me.  I still working on lengthening the time I meditate and keeping my mind centered.  It’s a challenge but so very worth it.

More on meditation in blogs to come…….


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