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Menopause represents a hallmark time in a woman’s life. The end of  menstruating,  fertility, birthing, and a shift from childrearing to self-focus.  It’s a  wonderful time in a woman’s life. However  in the US many women have menopausal symptoms that disrupt the should be joyous time of menopause. Symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, difficulty losing weight, insomnia, low energy, low libido become bothersome.

In 2004 the HER II study was halted because of the increase in Breast cancer and the decrease in the cardiovascular benefits thought to be enhanced by hormone replacement therapy (HRT).  In the end the risk did not outweigh the benefits.  Prior to that Premarin was the number 1 selling drug many years in a row. Now many health care practitioners are reluctant to prescribe HRT.  The new recommendations with taking HRT is for the lowest dose and the short time possible.  

Women in the US overall have a more difficult transition into menopause. Whereas women in other cultures, especially in Asian cultures have spent a lifetime of  eating soy products, vegetables and fish which contain nutrients that support and balance the female hormone system. And they have been physically active.  

So what are we to do? Thankfully there are several good natural remedies that work. They work with the body to support the female hormone system so that over time the symptoms improve.  I can speak from experience, I had a surgical menopause in my 20’s and spent many years on HRT.  Not only did HRT not improve the symptoms but I experienced side effects that made it difficult to take them everyday.  Now that has changed.  

The 1st is a product called Progessence Plus Serum, it contains progesterone which is one of the primary female hormones.  It can convert to estrogen in the body. Estrogen in the primary female hormone. In menopause the production of estrogen is decreased by the ovaries.  

The 2nd is a supplement Femigen which contains herbs to support the female hormone system.

Essential Oils that support the female hormone system: Clary Sage, Sclaressence, DragonTime.

The last  product is a tea, Yogi Woman Energy Tea. You can find this at your local health food store.

Yogi Woman's Energy, Herbal Tea Supplement, 16-Count Tea Bags (Pack of 6)

 *Other helpful tips:  physical exercise, acupuncture, stay cool, recognize your moods

Great Resources:

Books: Dr. John Lee’s – What Your Doctor May Not Tell You  About  Menopause  

               Dr. Christiane Northrup: Wisdom of Menopause

Hot Flashes Be Gone!!!


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Sleep is better than gold!!  It can’t be bought, stored up or borrowed.  It’s precious. 

Humans have a natural circadian rhythm.  We were made to sleep at night and be awake during the day.   One of the roles of the hormone cortisol is to wake us up. It peaks about an hour before sunrise and falls in the evening when the sun goes down.

 How can you improve your sleep and wake up feeling refreshed?

  • go to bed as early as you can and wake up as early as you can, keep in rhythm with daylight and nightfall
  • get sunlight into your eyes as soon as possible, step outside for a few minutes before you leave the house, open all the curtains, blinds or shades, turn on the lights in your house
  • do the reverse at night, keep lights low and noise low
  • make your bedroom as dark as possible, comfortable room temperature
  • stop eating at least 2-3 hours before bedtime
  • stay hydrated during the day, 
  • practice living in the here and now, leave work problems at work, they don’t pay you when you get home so don’t give them  any more of your time
  • 30 minutes before bed, have a routine, listen to relaxing music, take a warm bath, read, write a letter,  but no tv or internet
  • try aromatherapy oils  like Lavender, Peace & Calming® or Valerian

When needed take a natural supplement like Melatonin (short term), Valerian Root with passion flower,  Sleepesssence™ or herbal teas,  Kava Stress from Yogi™ or  SleepyTime from Celestial Seasonings®.

The National Sleep Foundation has more great  tips for getting a good night’s sleep. And Lights Out is one of the most informative books on sleep and how it relates to health conditions like diabetes, obesity and high blood pressure.



  Sleep in peace

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Diet Sodas Leads to Heart Disease?   2 comments

A new study suggests that diet sodas lead to heart disease and vascular events.  Could it be the sodium content? Most diet sodas contain 35mg of sodium in 8 oz, so in a 12 oz can of soda that’s 52.5 mg.  Diet soda drinkers drink about 5 0r 6 cans a day.  That would add up to ~300 mg sodium daily.  A healthy amount is 3,000mg total.  So the sodium amount is not that high, but definitely something to watch.  Also the caramel color of some diet drinks may lead to vascular events like a stroke. Overall diet drinks are a poor choice for hydration.  Most people drink them for the taste and caffeine pick-me-up.   The artificial sweeteners in diet sodas can actually have an opposite effect of weight loss by increasing sugar cravings.

I have always been a proponent of water and herbal teas, which are a great way to hydrate the body naturally. Some even contain  a small amount of caffeine.  Quench your thirst with wonderful herbal teas like chai, green tea, and chamomile.  Give the body what it really thirst for.  Don’t sabotage your weight loss efforts by drinking beverages that will make you crave more sugar.  Add a small amount of natural sweeteners to herbal teas like stevia, agave, or honey.

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Welcome to   Curious about the most current health and wellness topics?  If yes, then this is the blog for you.  Health and wellness is my passion.  I love writing and reading about ways to improve health and well being.  Join me as I comment and blog about current topics and topics of interest especially for women.

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