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After to listening to hours and hours of Pandora nature sounds music I’ve come up with some suggestions for music during meditation.


 Sacred Earth Drums                                               Spiritlands                                               

Sacred Earth Drums                                                       Spiritlands     

 Spiritual Healing                                              Sea & Silence

   Spiritual Healing                                                        Sea & Silence

Sounds of Nature                                               Appalachian Mountain Suite                                            

Sounds of Nature                                                  Appalachian Mt Suite        

Windsong                                              Heart of the Wind: Music for Native American Flute & Drums                                       

       Windsong                                                         Heart of the Wind

 Dan Gibson's Solitudes: Exploring Nature With Music: The Classics                                             Dreams from the Grandfather

Dan Gibson’s Solitudes                                   Dreams from the Grandfather

Garden of Serenity                                           Music for Meditation: Inner Stillness

Garden of Serenity                                                    Inner Stillness


Posted February 27, 2011 by Sunflower

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